Welcome to JKE Expoerts

Founded in 2017.It is Located in Bangalore. JKE Exports is about green business initiative dedicated to supplying sustainable products for those who is care about our products and believe in empowering farmers all around the country.

JKE exports brings the fragrant flavor in the south market from the goodness of nature from the tribalĀ Farmers in the areas of Bangalore and supplies the products in differs areas of Bangalore. We directly take the products from our farmers. This helps us to deliver our quality product to low cost to our clients. By communicating with our farmers, our dedicated and hardworking team achieved the goal in export market areas. One among the leading names in spices exporter in Bangalore, we sold the quality and good efficient product in the Species business.

Come to our specialty, we are able to provide with whole ground and organic spices with a wide range of COCONUT, OIL(made up with ground nut seeds, coconut seeds),chilli powder, red chilli, spices, Dry grapes, Brown sugar ,jaggary , Medicine bottle caps, Rice, many more taste tingling varieties in Indian species with round-neck T-shirts, handmade wood handcraft. We are among ground exporters and spices exporters and specialists in the manufacture of spices in state of Karnataka. We are able to produce the best quality of spices in our state because our team will go to the customers place and they will understand their needs and necessity according to that we will make growth in our products so that our clients will get a good variety products and tasty spices with good quality due that we hold a good position in our state.